Saturday, December 31, 2011

For Strange Women my Favorite new shop...

I am so excited to receive my Winter Kitty  perfume sample and Clove Lip Embellishment from my new favorite shop on Etsy  Her store is amazing in so many ways, one of which is the packaging.  I am inspired to now revamp my packing at to include unique packing for my Cameo Collection of necklaces and the upcoming season of Romance.  The central theme of her brand is Victorian forest and there are other lovely scents like moss and ivy, poison ivy and pine cone!  Here are some of my jewelry pieces that are forest and Victorian inspired...    ~xoxo Shawneen

Kitty Cat it too late to send out my cards?

Here is my Kitty Cat Christmas Card, with my three adorable fur-babies!   Is it to late to mail them out? Well, if you suffer from chronic pain, or got a nasty flu or other illness over the holidays, or for any other reason even procrastination did not get your cards out on time but really, really, really want to send them is it just to late? I wish it were Christmas the whole year round! These are photo cards, so hopefully they would go in an album and not the trash so they are sort of environmentaly friendly. :)  I did put a lot of effort into these and would like people to have a hard copy rather than posting them on facebook or sending it in an email.

Survey says????? Let me know what you think by taking the yes or no poll to the right below my pics...

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Friday, December 30, 2011

TIP: avoid heartburn/acid reflux

I am now drinking lemon water all the time and here is why...

I have found that I just cannot eat any white flour or sugar without getting really severe heartburn.  Well, this is a BUMMER during the holidays and of course I have been cheating especially being sick I crave carbs even more.  So, I have found the best remedy along with diet change is LEMON!!!  Fresh squeezed or real lemon juice in the cute lemon squeeze bottles.  You can find them in the fresh veggie and salad section of your grocery store.  Fresh Ginger(in a tube in the fresh veggie section) and Cayenne Pepper (powdered-organic is best) are also great for heartburn/acid reflux.   Be careful at restaurants especially fast food type where the lemons left out and over handled can be laden with bacteria and avoid sparkling water as delicious as it is it is acidic.  I will still use it in moderation as a topper to give a little fizz to some of my soda substitute drinks!

TIP: avoid heartburn/acid reflux
  • Add fresh LEMON to water
  • Add fresh LEMON and GINGER to hot tea with honey
  • Add fresh LEMON, fresh GINGER, and CAYENNE pepper (organic powdered is fine) to your favorite simple homemade chicken soup after it is cooked.  Add in a clove of fresh chopped GARLIC and you now have an IMMUNE BOOSTING MEAL as well!  
My recipe is coming soon!
Fun Fact:  Even though we think of lemon as an acidic fruit and it is when it is processed in the body it has an alkalinizing effect on the blood and our ph.  Interesting :)

I would love to hear any ideas you have on how to include these lovely fresh food in our meals, Please feel free to post!

~xoxo Shawneen Nicole

If I say I'll do it I will!! My first Blog Post...

When life hits you with circumstances beyond your control (for me my health going down the tubes after a series of other very unfortunate events) you have to adapt to survive.

This will be a documentation and sharing, hopefully learning tool for myself and others who are DISTRESSED in any way and want to make small or very big changes in your life.  I will be sharing everything from simple healthy recipes that really work with challenging lives to provide healing and nourishment.  I will add a sprinkling of  funny stories, frustrations, lots kitties kitties and more kitties, tips for reducing pain, organizing, being more efficient, all the things I have learned and will be teaching myself to make life a little less distressing.  I am learning how to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life which happen to be almost any Vintage or Antique.  Anything which inspires me to live in a less complicated more natural way.

are you distressed?
are you suffering from chronic pain?
loneliness? abandonment?
do you need recipe ideas that are simple and healthy and affordable?
Do you like cats? animals?
Do you like antiques and vintage finds?
Then follow my blog and you will discover with me all this and more!!

~ xoxo Shawneen Nicole