Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kitty Cat it too late to send out my cards?

Here is my Kitty Cat Christmas Card, with my three adorable fur-babies!   Is it to late to mail them out? Well, if you suffer from chronic pain, or got a nasty flu or other illness over the holidays, or for any other reason even procrastination did not get your cards out on time but really, really, really want to send them is it just to late? I wish it were Christmas the whole year round! These are photo cards, so hopefully they would go in an album and not the trash so they are sort of environmentaly friendly. :)  I did put a lot of effort into these and would like people to have a hard copy rather than posting them on facebook or sending it in an email.

Survey says????? Let me know what you think by taking the yes or no poll to the right below my pics...

Posted by Picasa                                      ~xoxo Shawneen Nicole

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