Friday, December 30, 2011

TIP: avoid heartburn/acid reflux

I am now drinking lemon water all the time and here is why...

I have found that I just cannot eat any white flour or sugar without getting really severe heartburn.  Well, this is a BUMMER during the holidays and of course I have been cheating especially being sick I crave carbs even more.  So, I have found the best remedy along with diet change is LEMON!!!  Fresh squeezed or real lemon juice in the cute lemon squeeze bottles.  You can find them in the fresh veggie and salad section of your grocery store.  Fresh Ginger(in a tube in the fresh veggie section) and Cayenne Pepper (powdered-organic is best) are also great for heartburn/acid reflux.   Be careful at restaurants especially fast food type where the lemons left out and over handled can be laden with bacteria and avoid sparkling water as delicious as it is it is acidic.  I will still use it in moderation as a topper to give a little fizz to some of my soda substitute drinks!

TIP: avoid heartburn/acid reflux
  • Add fresh LEMON to water
  • Add fresh LEMON and GINGER to hot tea with honey
  • Add fresh LEMON, fresh GINGER, and CAYENNE pepper (organic powdered is fine) to your favorite simple homemade chicken soup after it is cooked.  Add in a clove of fresh chopped GARLIC and you now have an IMMUNE BOOSTING MEAL as well!  
My recipe is coming soon!
Fun Fact:  Even though we think of lemon as an acidic fruit and it is when it is processed in the body it has an alkalinizing effect on the blood and our ph.  Interesting :)

I would love to hear any ideas you have on how to include these lovely fresh food in our meals, Please feel free to post!

~xoxo Shawneen Nicole

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