Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I hate to see my Students cry...Pretty Little Liars

Here is a clip from the hit show Pretty Little Liars, with one of my previous students, the brunette, Janel Parrish.  I am so proud of her , she is a lovely girl and was an excellent student.  By the way she never wore as much make-up if even any when she came to class!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Kitty Natural Perfume Oil and Clove Lip Embellishment Review...

My Winter Kitty natural perfume oil sample and clove lip embellishment arrived actually a few days ago.  Right after I finished posting about it I went downstairs to feed the two kitties left behind by my rotten old neighbors when they moved. (A sweet calico and one of her kittens that must be around 7 or 8 months old)  I would take them in but I have a full house with my Maine Coon and the two kittens I took in that were abandoned on my doorstep this past October.  So, hoping I will come across someone who would like this sweet kitty duo!  After, I gave them some kibble and water I checked the mail and was pleasantly surprised that my order had arrived in two days!  I immediately tore open the package and went for the lip embellishment as my lips are in DISTRESS.  I have been so ill for so long and my lips are dry and raw.  My current lip balms are not healing.  Well, I did struggle with this tin as I guess they have progressed since the days of Lip Smackers when you pushed the front and slid the lid?  These are a back lift and slide.  This is a very rich emollient healing blend with a hint of clove, not overpowering at all.  I applied this several times, not because it wasn't lasting but because I LIKED IT SO MUCH!!  I was amazed that by the next evening the painful rawness had completely subsided.  This is a very therapeutic healing blend, better than any "natural' lip balm I have tried in the past.  I also love that it is in a tin (although it is available in a recyclable stick as well).  The tin is great because the kittens are not tempted to knock it off my nightstand and play with it! I also did not hesitate to try my sample of Winter Kitty Natural Perfume Oil and it is a deliciously unique blend.  It is much more crisp than smokey as I though it might be, not heavy at all.  It is a lovely blend of Frankincense, Rose, Mint, Vetiver, Douglas Fir and Vanilla essential oils of the highest quality.   There are no fragrance oils and no fillers in this blend which is perfect for those with chemical sensitivities, and other health issues.  I am looking forward to purchasing the full bottle and would recommend both of these  finds!  available at

xoxo  Shawneen Nicole

Emmett Thanksgiving  Day 2011
 P.S. Autumn Remembrance  Pumpkin Pea Soup will have to wait until later this week as my paperwork is taking longer than anticipated and I have a kitten that needs to go to the vet.  He has a lump under his right arm on his torso under his skin.  I am hoping it is nothing and he seems fine otherwise, but cats can hide their pain very well.  Say a little prayer for Emmett my precious wee babycat

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 What to do?

I have 12 minutes before it it no longer New Year's Day!  Let's see if I can get this post in with a kitty on my chest purring and blocking my view of the laptop screen.  I spent a lot of time today on my new packaging for Vintage Nickel and I changed up my banner.  I am really happy with the banner and  I think it is original as I have not seen another shop with anything quite like it! Here it is a row of  "photos" of select items...or check it out at the site

There is a photo of the packing in the middle, but here it is below for your viewing pleasure.  It is just a rough mock up (I would like to print it on glossy paper). The photo and digital artwork are all mine...

Don't miss Tuesday...I will be making my beautiful Autumn Remembrance Pumpkin Pea Soup!!  It is so delicious and healthy.  Tomorrow I will be taking care of some nasty paperwork so have a Happy Day!  

~xoxo  Shawneen Nicole