Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 What to do?

I have 12 minutes before it it no longer New Year's Day!  Let's see if I can get this post in with a kitty on my chest purring and blocking my view of the laptop screen.  I spent a lot of time today on my new packaging for Vintage Nickel and I changed up my banner.  I am really happy with the banner and  I think it is original as I have not seen another shop with anything quite like it! Here it is a row of  "photos" of select items...or check it out at the site

There is a photo of the packing in the middle, but here it is below for your viewing pleasure.  It is just a rough mock up (I would like to print it on glossy paper). The photo and digital artwork are all mine...

Don't miss Tuesday...I will be making my beautiful Autumn Remembrance Pumpkin Pea Soup!!  It is so delicious and healthy.  Tomorrow I will be taking care of some nasty paperwork so have a Happy Day!  

~xoxo  Shawneen Nicole

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