Wednesday, February 1, 2012

40 days to 40,000 words...My First Novel!

So my mind is finally in the right place, and this does not mean that there is not complete chaos about me and I am still suffering the same and sometimes more pain and illness than usual.  However, there is just that moment for a writer when the dam has finally filled up and the flood gates open and all the ideas just come together and start to flow.
I have read other authors such as Jordin Rubin's Makers Diet and his 40 days to cleaner eating and lifestyle based on Jesus' forty days of fasting, as well as Pastor Rick Warren's 40 days of Purpose.  Forty is a significant number so I thought I would challenge myself to 40 days to 40,000 words!  This is the minimum number of words you need for a work of fiction to be considered a novel, thus completing my first  young adult high school conspiracy/murder mystery .  Although, I think I will feel more like Moses wandering in the desert for forty years or Noah on the ark while it rained for forty days and forty nights!
My novel itself is not spiritual by any means, just entertaining, my journey however is, which I may share at some point.  I have already been designing the characters and have the plot mapped out, and I have a head start of 1,296 words.  I am very excited about this novel and I can't wait to share it!  I am hoping to self publish on for $2.99 a copy within the next two months.

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