Friday, February 24, 2012

Novel Update and a few Secrets Revealed!

I am long overdue for an update on my challenge 40 days to 40,000 words: My first novel.  It is day 24 and I am at 12,000 words so I am moving at half speed.  The tone of this novel is turning out to be somewhere between a Nancy Drew Mystery novel and a John Grisham Novel, switching the courtroom to the classroom, and I love that.  These are two of my favorites! (not that I claim to be as good of a writer!)
My mini goal is to be up to at least 20,000 words total by March 1 and that would put me back on track for 40,000 words in 40 days.  

Some other tidbits about this novel: 

1. The main characters are the middle names of me and my sister.  The teacher Nicolette goes by Nicole (my middle name) and her student is Danielle (my sister’s middle name) and goes by Dani.

2. The main character of the teacher is loosely based on me and includes some of my real life experiences and interactions with people during my career.  Good and bad.  I don’t know why it took me this long to realize writing is a great way to take power over the “villains” in my life.

3.  I will be writing about conspiracy theories that I am interested in or are of my own invention…it’s going to get wild; I have a vivid imagination so I’ve been told!

4.  There is a lot of talk and detailed description of food and meals the characters enjoy, so you may want to eat before you read this novel or have some tasty snacks on hand…I will be sharing the recipes from the novel in some form (most of them are my own creations.)

5.  This is one in a series of teacher/student high school murder mystery conspiracy fiction novels I will be writing.  I also have a darker paranormal supernatural betrayal/revenge fiction novel I am working on writing.  It is a Trilogy and will take a bit longer to finish (6 mo, a year maybe for book one?) as it is deeply wrought with raw emotion and pain linked to my past and present.  Even though it is dark and emotional, the characters hold on to their fragmented hope.  They are very unique yet relatable and the storyline is completely original yet timeless. Back to my current Mystery Series which is more suspense/action and deals which the characters relationships it does have some violence and sadness but is more lighthearted and triumphant, with some humor and romance.

6.  I FINALLY KNOW WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP!!  Writing really suits my health and physical limitations right now, and it suits my personality.  I have been paid to write before but that was technical writing so I can’t say that it was enjoyable other than I got to work from home part time for a year.  My mind has always been bursting with ideas like a nonstop filmstrip that I can’t turn off.  Finally channeling that into something concrete is exhilarating.  I hope people enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it!

xoxo Shawneen Nicole

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