Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nancy Drew's Subliminal Influence...40 day update

I have been remiss to post as 40 days has passed and I did not make my goal of 40,000 words in 40 days.  However, all is not lost, I do have close to 25,000 words or about 84 pages and I have done some heavy revising and editing of the original manuscript, changed the genre or rather added a genre.  I could not figure out why I had such tremendous writers block.  I finally discovered it was due to limitations in writing police procedure and real life "rules" that I really wasn't interested in researching or writing.  I love fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction such as the X-files not CSI...what am I doing to myself!  So, I still have my characters in a Nancy Drew nostalgic murder mystery setting with a little dystopian, paranormal/fantasy fiction subtlety mixed in but not necessarily dominating the story.  Oh and don't forget the little bit of romance and high school angst.  I have always been an odd duck, we shall see if anyone else likes this mix of  genres!   When I designed these covers I had not looked at a Nancy Drew Book in Years, the resemblance is a mystery to me!

  • Upcoming Posts: Recipes-Pea soup 3 ways...I have not forgotten about Autumn Remembrance Pea Soup (Pea/Pumpkin, Pea/Broccoli, Pea/Carrot and the Endocrine System: Natural Remedies for PTSD.   ~xoxo Shawneen Nicole
  • sneak peak... Broccoli Pea Parmesan Soup...Recipe coming soon!  I am working out exact measurements as I like to keep recipes in my head and throw in about a handful of this and a pinch of that, just eyeball it!!  It is delicious, nutritious and easy on the wallet for these tough economic times.

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