Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nancy Drew's Subliminal Influence...40 day update

I have been remiss to post as 40 days has passed and I did not make my goal of 40,000 words in 40 days.  However, all is not lost, I do have close to 25,000 words or about 84 pages and I have done some heavy revising and editing of the original manuscript, changed the genre or rather added a genre.  I could not figure out why I had such tremendous writers block.  I finally discovered it was due to limitations in writing police procedure and real life "rules" that I really wasn't interested in researching or writing.  I love fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction such as the X-files not CSI...what am I doing to myself!  So, I still have my characters in a Nancy Drew nostalgic murder mystery setting with a little dystopian, paranormal/fantasy fiction subtlety mixed in but not necessarily dominating the story.  Oh and don't forget the little bit of romance and high school angst.  I have always been an odd duck, we shall see if anyone else likes this mix of  genres!   When I designed these covers I had not looked at a Nancy Drew Book in Years, the resemblance is a mystery to me!

  • Upcoming Posts: Recipes-Pea soup 3 ways...I have not forgotten about Autumn Remembrance Pea Soup (Pea/Pumpkin, Pea/Broccoli, Pea/Carrot and the Endocrine System: Natural Remedies for PTSD.   ~xoxo Shawneen Nicole
  • sneak peak... Broccoli Pea Parmesan Soup...Recipe coming soon!  I am working out exact measurements as I like to keep recipes in my head and throw in about a handful of this and a pinch of that, just eyeball it!!  It is delicious, nutritious and easy on the wallet for these tough economic times.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Vision for my eBook Conspiracy at Forest Bay High Series...

I am almost halfway finished with my first novel of the Conspiracy at Forest Bay High Murder Mystery Series, The Golden Locket of Death.  I made some minor alterations to Book one's mock cover and subtitle.  I am so excited to write this series and already have ideas for the second, third and forth novels so I designed mock eBook covers for those as well.

 Conspiracy at Forest Bay High 
An Introduction to the Murder Mystery Series

Nicolette "Nicole"  an intelligent but slightly neurotic Forest Bay High School biology teacher is not only obsessed with solving her parents murders but also has a penchant for attracting the wrong men with her classic beauty and innocence. Danielle,"Dani", a Forest Bay High School Senior and self proclaimed tech geek, copes with life in the foster care system though humor and a sassy attitude.  She is unaware that her cleverness and unassuming natural beauty are more intimidating to others than her harsh exterior.   Drawn together by a tragic murder this unlikely pair will spend the school year together solving murders and uncovering wild conspiracies at Forest Bay High School. Each Book in the series takes place during a different season and the stories have a nostalgic vintage tone with a modern plot and setting:  

Conspiracy at Forest Bay High
Book 1:  The Golden Locket of Death

Conspiracy at Forest Bay High
Book 2:  Murder on Misty Mountain Trail

Conspiracy at Forest Bay High 
Book 3:  Murder at Coastal Rose Inn 

Conspiracy at Forest Bay High 
Book 4: (Title to be announced*) 
*After graduation Dani and Nicole will venture to Spain for a Summer Abroad Program where murder and conspiracy await!

@Stay tuned for individual book descriptions and the April/May release of  Conspiracy at Forest Bay High Book 1: The Golden Locket of Death. ...
                                                                                                         ~xoxo Shawneen Nicole

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