Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Lemon Drop on the Beach Martini Recipe, Clean Green Juice Recipe and weight loss update

My lemon drop on the beach martini recipe

My weightless journey took a turn for the worse since I last posted my vlogs and weighed in at 212.  Some unforeseen stressful events caused me to basically give up.  However, I got back on the wagon after gaining 8 more pounds and then loosing 10 which now puts me at 210.  I have taken a summer break for a week and enjoyed my delicious Martini Creation...I call it a Lemon Drop on the Beach.  It is rimmed with coconut sugar and rounded out with an Italian liquor called Lemoncello.  Enjoy in moderation to keep on loosing weight.  I am back to my strict routine starting Monday which includes a banana and almond milk for breakfast, chicken or fish, veggies and salad for lunch and a fruit/vegetable juice blend for dinner. More details and recipes are on the way.

Sandy Lemon Drop on the Beach Martini
2 parts Lemon Vodka
1 part Lemoncello Liquor
1 fresh lemons(juiced)
     3 tsps coconut sugar or to taste
                   coconut sugar to rim the glass...looks like sand!


      My Clean Green Juice-simplified version
      1 Granny Smith apple (large)
1 pear of choice
1/2 cucumber
4 stalks of celery

xoxo Shawneen Nicole

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