Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Sneak Peak at an excerpt from my Upcoming Novel Conspiracy at Forest Bay High Book 1: The Golden Locket of Death

I am currently editing my first novel, Conspiracy at Forest Bay High Book 1 The Golden Locket of Death.  I am feeling the need to share a small excerpt of my writing, and hope it will be well received.  I am still in love with my original book cover idea as it has its' own story to tell.  I took the photo on the way back from a trip to Georgia with my Father. We stopped at a ridge with beautiful landscaping and a tiny shop nestled between the tall tree tops.  They sold odds and ends, random travel necessities, snacks and soda.  Their main attraction however, was the large jugs filled with homemade Apple Cider, that glistened in the sunlight.
I am choosing a simple passage describing a day much like the one we captured in this photograph.  This is the first paragraph of chapter 11 ...
Saturday finally arrived and it was a perfectly serene picturesque autumn day.  Squirrels were scampering across the lush green lawn in search of nuts to store up for winter.  Brightly colored orange, yellow and maple hued leaves peppered the front yard leaving a golden trail to the mailbox.  The sky was crystal clear and golden rays of sunshine peeked through the patches of bare branches where the leaves had already made their descent to the ground. 

This paragraph is my characters small reprieve before more murder, chaos and drama ensues.  It was a place for them to relax and breath a sigh of relief before the shock of what they would discover in the mail and the imminent threat it would pose.  

Stay Tuned ~ xoxo Shawneen Nicole

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