Sunday, March 15, 2015

While Daisies Play Wedding Day

It all began one breezy summer day "where willows whispered and daisies played".  A dream was realized as my cousin and I were sharing our crafts, her poetry and my jewelry became Poetry and Jewelry Gift Box Sets.  A beautiful way of expression.  This collaboration is the perfect gift set for your bridesmaids and would make a delicate yet stunning theme for your wedding.   

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Devil's Thumb Ranch

While Daisies Play

He smiles with radiance, like the noonday
Through whispering willows 
while daisies play
In confident strides 
he walks the meadows of her heart
but it's through 
the fields of friendship they must start
Slow down sweet girl
 and run with the wind
where the trees, 
the shadows, and the sun all bend
and be warmed by the love 
of a man called friend

~Amber Torrie


Elisabeth Carol Photography

Groom and Groomsmen...

Tablescape, cake, cocktails and favors...


  1. Shawneen, You are amazing, you have such brilliant ideas, the combination of colors are stunning.

  2. Thank you so much for including my Daisy Party Favors! Much love! Lisa xoxo